Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How do we plan to raise $1,000 for Ryder?

Well, gee, thank you for asking! We have come up with several fundraising ideas for this exciting (yet, somewhat daunting) task. Here they are in no particular order:

*Game Nights~ We have invited friends, family, and neighbors to join us for a fun evening of games, laughter, and treats. We have asked them to donate $10 (or more!) to play.

*Change for Change~ We will be putting together cups with Ryder's picture and story on them. We plan on passing them out to family and neighbors so that they can collect any spare change in them throughout the month of November. We will then pick up the cups and anything collected will be put into Ryder's fund. Any amount helps!

*We have typed up a wonderful letter explaining Ryder's story and why we are trying to raise money for his grant fund. I plan on sending these out to anyone I can. I would love to get some out to some local doctors offices and therapy centers. I also plan on sending one to our local sheriff's and fire departments.

* I am a newbie photographer who has offered up to shoot Christmas, maternity, newborn, and family photos for a small fee of $50 which will then go directly to Ryder's grant. I have 3 booked so far and I am so excited!

If anyone has anymore ideas please let me know!

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