Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ryder needs a family!

I am loving raising money for Ryder and seeing his grant fund rise but what I would love the most is for him to find his forever family...

Look at his sweet little face...I know there is a family out there for him!


  1. What a precious little man!! I would love to snuggle with him. Awesome job so far on your fundraising! I only have 30.00 so far for Quinten. :-(

  2. Yay Tracey!!! My first comment :) $30 is more than he started with so just keep it up!

  3. Ryder is so adorable in his little stripped jumpsuit.
    Great job fundraising for him!
    I hope his family finds him soon :D

  4. Hi could you please email me at lane1105@gmail.com