Sunday, November 13, 2011

So many just sit and wait

The many faces of Spina Bifida. Beautiful children, with so much potential, cast aside because of their disabilities. These are just four of the many featured on Reece's Rainbow who need a family. Could it be you?

What is Spina Bifida?  Wikipedia says: Spina bifida (Latin: "split spine") is a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube. Somevertebrae overlying the spinal cord are not fully formed and remain infused and open. If the opening is large enough, this allows a portion of the spinal cord to protrude through the opening in the bones. There may or may not be a fluid-filled sac surrounding the spinal cord. Other neural tube defects include anencephaly, a condition in which the portion of the neural tube which will become the cerebrum does not close, andencephalocele, which results when other parts of the brain remain infused.
Spina bifida malformations fall into three categories: spina bifida occultaspina bifida cystica (myelomeningocele), and meningocele. The most common location of the malformations is the lumbar and sacral areas. Myelomeningocele is the most significant form and it is this that leads to disability in most affected individuals. The terms spina bifida and myelomeningocele are usually used interchangeably.
Spina bifida can be surgically closed after birth, but this does not restore normal function to the affected part of the spinal cord. Intrauterine surgery for spina bifida has also been performed and the safety and efficacy of this procedure is currently being investigated. The incidence of spina bifida can be decreased by up to 70% when daily folic acid supplements are taken prior to conception.

What does Spina Bifida look like? Like this...
Pollyanna is only 4 years old. She has such a lovely smile. The doctors say her prognosis about the possibility of her walking independently is good. She just needs a family to encourage her and love her!

Samuel is 4 as well. What a little gentleman he is in his tie! His mother was told he would never walk, so she gave him up~but he is starting to walk now and doing quite well. It is said Samuel loves to seek out the attention of men...he needs a daddy.

Angelina is a beautiful, blue eyed 4 year old waiting for her family. She will turn 5 in May. I pray she will have a committed family by then.

Marcia is another adorable 4 year old waiting for her family. It is said she has a very quiet and kind personality. She is not thriving at the orphanage and needs a family desperately.

Again, I ask, Could it be you?


  1. Thank you for advocating for Marcia. I am raising funds for her and we are at over $4K for her adoption grant. :)

    Sadly, Marcia has been recently transferred and is reported not be doing well. She needs a family urgently. Please keep spreading the word about Marcia!

    Marcia has an updated profile and some new gorgeous pictures:

    1. That is wonderful to hear! I have seen her new pictures and was so heartbroken to see she had a committed family that couldn't continue :(

      Do you have a blog I could follow?