Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Carolina's turn...

Her turn to be noticed and loved and WANTED!

She turned 6 in May and at one time was believed to have been transferred from the baby house to an older child boarding school. It is now believed that she was actually sent to a mental institution. At 6 years old. 

Look at her sweet little face. Can you even imagine her living in an institution? 
I can't :(

This is what her Reece's Rainbow page says about her...

Girl, Born May 20, 2006
Carolina is such a beautiful girl; beautiful brown hair with olive skin.  She has cerebral palsy, and does wear AFO’s on both feet.
From her medical records: Cerebral palsy, convergent squint, mental delay.   She can walk by supporter or holding one hand.  She says separate words, understands simple speech, is affectionate and friendly.   Physical therapy and a loving family will bring MIRACLES for this little girl!

We need to help Carolina get her MIRACLE! She needs out of that institution and into a family can see her potential!
Consider sharing her sweet face, donating to her grant, or bringing her home!