Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Now this I'm excited about!

We have a new cafe in town called Little Cups and Grown ups. I was introduced to one of the owners, via Facebook, through the wife of one of Tyler's coworkers. We had gone out to dinner one night with his coworker so I could meet his wife and the subject of having more children came up. I had mentioned I would love to adopt someday and she went on to tell me all about her friend who comes from a large family of adoption. I mentioned I was getting ready to do a fundraiser for a child on Reece's Rainbow and she got very excited and said that was the site her friend has seen and would love to adopt one of the children someday! The friend and I ended up connecting and Facebook and one day the posted that their family was opening up a play cafe in town. They were looking for a photographer, which I happen, to be so I sent her a link to my photography page and I got the job!

Fast forward to a month ago...I posted a picture of my Angel Tree child and she contacted me asking how she could help. WOW!!! She also has a huge heart for kids with Down Syndrome. How perfect is that? Their family has offered up their cafe to me for a fundraiser and I am SO thankful! I have decided to do a "Pictures with Santa day". One of the lovely ladies on Reece's Rainbow suggested calling it "HoHoHo and a Cup of Joe". So cute, right?!

Please pray that this successful, hearts are opened to the idea of special needs adoption, and maybe, just maybe, someone falls in love with Kaleigh!

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