Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday! Kaleigh's turn

Today there are many people blogging for Kaleigh, hoping to spread the word that she is in need of a family. We don't have much information on her but we do know she is beautiful, she was born in February of 2008, and she is calm. We have one picture. This one here:

I like to picture her differently though. In my mind her sweet little cheeks wouldn't look chapped and her eyes wouldn't look glossy. And she would be playing in the sand, at the beach with her new family.  I picture her more like this:

The sun on her face, an ice-cream cone in hand, and a cute little flower clip in her hair. Can you see it? This is the life she deserves.

Who wants to be the family to give her that life?

Please go to Reece's Rainbow and consider donating to her grant

I am her Angel Tree warrior this year and we are so close to getting her to her $1,000 goal!

And an update on our HoHoHo event! 
It went wonderfully! We had a great turnout! We were able to raise almost $400 for Kaleigh and her two RR buddies, Marjorie and Isabel. Best of all we were able to spread awareness about RR and all the wonderful children looking for families :)

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