Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Updates & Found

Two more of my 2013 prayer children have been found!

That leaves 11 more kids to find homes with in the next 4 months. Seems impossible but I know miracles can happen and if anyone deserves a miracle it's these sweet kids.

Reece's Rainbow has also received new pictures of a few of my favorite children (ok, they are ALL my favorites) but these two have always been special to me...Edgar & Angelina.

Edgar has gone from a chubby cheeked baby...

to an even chubbier cheeked toddler!

A mama recently met him while adopting her daughter from the same groupa. He is the oldest in his group and it is said he needs a family asap so he doesn't start regressing. He has a nice size grant, over $4,000! Edgar where is your family?

Angelina has been listed on Reece's Rainbow for as long as I can remember. It kills me to watch these kids grow up through pictures without the love of a family.

Look how much she has grown...and just look at that smile!

Angelina where is your family? She has a $3,600 grant available towards her adoption!

4 months. 11 kids. A thousand prayers.

Miracles happen

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