Monday, November 25, 2013

Found, found aaaand found!!

I started with 16 precious kids I was praying would find homes this year...

                                             And as of today half, yes HALF, have families!



We have not forgotten about you. Your families WILL come.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Here we go again! Angel Tree time

This is my third year participating in the Angel Tree fundraiser for Reece's Rainbow. This year I have chosen to advocate for a wonderful older child, Felix.

Isn't he handsome? Yes, yes he is but that is not why I chose him. While I was scrolling through the kids, looking at their pictures and reading a little bit about them I came to Felix's page and was brought to tears by what I read:

"Felix urgently needs a family.  He was raised as the only child with DS in the baby house.  He was much loved and the only child with special needs there, so he didn’t know he was different….. he was raised like the rest of the kids…and was transferred late to the “Internat for Invalids”.    Felix was ADORED up until he was about 8 and has taken the transfer very hard." Felix needed a family yesterday. Please consider donating to his fund. Donate $35 and you will get a lovely ornament with his handsome face on it. Most importantly you will be helping Felix find his family.

Donate to Felix today!